We are a team of highly experienced and dedicated GameFi/Ed-Tech enthusiasts from Vilnius, Lithuania. A team of six people who have known each other for five years since our student days. A well balanced team which has great marketing, problem solving, game logic and development skills. Based on our past experiences, team members have been actively engaged in the WEB3 and gaming space over the years, collaborating with teams from various Gaming/Ed-Tech projects.

  1. Arnas Daujotis CEO / Game Director Highlights: 10 years experience as project owner/entrepreneur in the technology sector. Worked in social governmental projects for children occupation, startups, led teams, running strategic planning. Partnered with education institutions and professors. Experienced in systems architecting, programming, tech product road mapping, educational background and business management. LinkedIn

  2. Mindaugas Visockis CMO Highlights: 10 years experience as marketing specialist in the gaming, e-sports, technology sector. A wealth of skills in diverse industries has resulted in remarkable marketing achievements over the years. Worked in well known companies such as CG Trader, Ad form and more... Experienced in creating effective marketing strategies, marketing budgeting, custom user journey creation, content strategy. LinkedIn

  3. Oleg Zabalujev CTO / Lead Game Developer Highlights: Over 7 years of hands-on experience as Game Designer/Game Dev in all game fields with strong technical knowledge and background. Worked as Lead in well known gaming studio Nord Current and successful GameFi projects. Expertise in multiple game engines, coding and visual scripting as well as organizational skills, committed to delivering high-quality engaging and fun gaming experiences. LinkedIn

  4. Paulius Lizdenis Art Director Highlights: Over 7 years of extensive experience in graphic design, digital art, and game development. Specializing in vector art and asset optimization. Worked as game designer in well known gaming studio Pepi Play. Demonstrated leadership as an art director for educational apps, ensuring cohesive visuals. Skilled communicator and mentor, dedicated to helping others grow. Has skillset in Unity and particle animation. LinkedIn

  5. Lukas Zalagaitis BD/Marketing Highlights: Over 5 years of experience in product management, development and marketing. Worked in successful WEB3 gaming studio MG Labs and as a project manager in B2B/B2C markets. Committed vital parts in development of blockchain projects, launching successful WEB3 games. Has extensive skillset in market/sales strategies, community building. Motivated team leader with a vast skillset to lead projects and find right markets. LinkedIn

  6. Rysard Gvozdovic Full Stack Developer Highlights: Over 5 years of experience in Web design, SaaS development, WEB3 gaming dashboards, NFT marketplaces and more... Specializing in UI/UX development for mobile applications, design, and programming services. In the past few years, managed UI/UX development teams for numerous well-known telecommunications, software, and other companies. In addition, contributed to MG Labs WEB3 gaming studio, assisting projects in gaming infrastructure development. LinkedIn

  7. Linas Dugnas CFO Highlights: More than 13 years as an entrepreneur, possesses extensive international business development and operational experience. Having successfully overseen ventures in trucking and logistics, customs brokerage, and events industry. Grounded in a solid educational background in management of finances. Proficient in accounting, managing all financial accounts and operations, demonstrating strategic foresight through the establishment of annual financial budgets and rolling forecasts. LinkedIn

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